New Years Eve!

Here at John Scott’s Lund we believe that the best way to celebrate the new year is with good friends, great food and most important; in a place where you don’t have to do the cleanup yourself!

On December 31st we want to help you to a great celebration and therefore we will be opening our doors for you and your friends to come dine with us. To make sure everyone gets a great experience you will need a reservation for this event and to make one you can call 046-12 86 96 and we will gladly help you.

Upon this fine evening we will be serving a set menu of three courses

  • Red beets with a creme of chèvre and honey, topped with roasted pine nuts.
  • Fillet of beef baked overnight, served with butterfried potatoes and root vegetables, ovenbaked tomato with Swedish cheese and red wine sauce.
  • Tart with white chocolate mousse topped with raspberry coulis.

498 kr per person.

If you have any allergies or if you want vegetarian or vegan options please contact the staff and we will be happy to help you. The times available for reservations are 18:30, 19:00 and 19:15.

We look forward to be seeing you on December 31st!