2 års Jubileum!

John Scotts Lund is turning 2 years old on saturday the 14th september! Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

To celebrate this we have decided to make a very special long weekend with all kinds of fun!

Thursday the 12th, 19:00 – An extra pubquiz with special theme!

Friday the 13th, 21:30 – Niño Obenza Live at Scotts!

Saturday the 14th, 19:00 – After dinner stand up comedy!

the Comedy Line-up:
Rob Allen
Left the UK and came to Sweden a couple of years ago  and took the wonderful British humour with him. Rob is the show runner for “Melting pot”, the only english speaking stand-up club in the south of Sweden, based here in Lund. Did his first soloshow at Lund Comedy Festival last year.
Tobias Erehed
One of the funniest comedians ever, from the north part of Sweden. Right now he tours around Sweden with his show “Jomenvisst”. He usually performs in swedish, but not tonight.
Khalid Gheire
From Somalia to Helsingborg, Khalids is a force to be reckoned with. He has been performing all around Sweden for the last 10 years, from the smallest to the biggest clubs. He’ll guarantee to raise a smile.
Host: Johan Rünow – A funny guy


There might be slight changes or added extras, so make sure to check the site often to get the latest updates!