Club Staying Alive – After Work


After Work 4 – 6 PM 30 % OFF
* When using our App. Show it to the bartender and get 30% off.
“Drink gently because alcohol can be harmful!”FOR SIGNUP DOWNLOAD OUR APP!
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Served from 4 – 6 PM.CLUBMENY
Served from 6 – 10 PM.DRINK TABLE
Local agreement with the club if possible offered.DANCEFLOOR
From 7 PM unless otherwise stated.ENTRANCE
Free entrance with the CSA APP.
If there is no local agreement otherwise throughout the evening.RECOMMENDED AGE LIMITS
After 7 PM + 30

4 PM to Midnight.
Stay Late Join the After Party at Palace Midnight – to late.

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Take care and make us happy.
like share and be there.

Club Staying Alive – The Best Party in Town!
Take care and make us happy, like share and be there.

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Moa with staff.